Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Princess Charlotte's "Pearl Dress", 1817

The one of the maddest projects I've ever come up with was destined for ball in the Tyszkiewicz palace in Trakai, Lithuania.

I made a gown based on the Princess Charlotte's 1817 yellow silk "Pearl Dress". So it is similary beaded in faux pearls and "white silk crimped gauze", but out of velvet - I fell in love with it for it's wonderful deep blue color.

The beading at the hem took approximately 170 hours or 5 weeks time.  And lots of pearls in two sizes - 12000 in fact. Give or take a few.
I'm proud of having actually finished it on time %)

The design pattern will be finished soon, so as the bottom embellishment and the belt, and I'll wear it once again.

And here are more pictures, taken from a book " In Royal Fashion", by Kay Staniland.


  1. Cette robe est adorable, mais je vois l'original .... Kate, vous êtes paresseux)))

  2. Wow! It's breathtakingly beautiful! Your attention to detail is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the dress with the finished hem.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Youri, je vous conseille de lire attentivement le message ;)

    Sabine, thank you for your compliments) It's always nice to hear)

  4. And then there's the coat! This ensemble is too much! Astounding workmanship!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I am in awe of all thwe work you put into this stunning gown!! WOW!!! It is perfect!!!



  6. It's perfect!! What a work!

  7. Pedro, Jess, MaiLoan, thank you all for your warm words! I try to do my best)

    But in fact this dress is not finished yet, there should be twice more embroidery on the hem.
    I hope to show the final result in June ;)

  8. This is not yet finished? It's already stunning!

    1. O, thank you, Sanna)
      Than, can you imagine, what will be later..))