Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Walking dress from an apple dream

I hope, I give you enough time to enjoy my previous garments, cause now it's time to present a new one, taken from a never ending collection of Victoria and Albert Museum.
This redingote of light apple-green tussah silk, silk satin the same color and many inches of white silk piping is almost an exact copy of one of the most known item of V&A - ca.1810 walking dress ensemble, dated 1817-1820:

The outfit is slightly inspired by military uniform, but so perfectly feminine with all this floral details, silk tassels and elegant cording, that I change almost nothing, just add more contrast using different textures and colors.

The walking dress (or carriage dress) itself consisting of spencer jacket and sleeveless dress. Also I get a nice brown leather boots with front lasing to match, short white leather gloves and made a silk satin regency bonnet, decorated with white plumes and silk ribbons and sew fancy white muslin shirt (pictures of the underwear will be in one of the future posts).

The short waist length spencer has a centre front opening, fastens with white metal hooks and eyes. The collar is stiffened and turned down, shaped to points at the sides and at the centre back, each trimmed with a small silk tassel. The sleeves are long with a puffed epaulet of silk satin leaves. The cuff is trumpet shaped, held at the wrist by a satin cuff band with tassels. The front is trimmed with curving satin bands, and the ends are trimmed with tassels. The waistband is made by silk satin to emphasize the waistline. Spenser is lined with cream cotton. By the edge of the collar and cuffs I also add light silk lase with floral pattern.

The dress has a small sleeveless bodies, lined with cotton, and the hem, padded and above decorated with applied satin border of an undulating edge and curved bands in each hollow, "linked to the bottom of the band with an applied cordonné pleated band"(c).