Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Princess Charlotte's "Pearl Dress", 1817

The one of the maddest projects I've ever come up with was destined for ball in the Tyszkiewicz palace in Trakai, Lithuania.

I made a gown based on the Princess Charlotte's 1817 yellow silk "Pearl Dress". So it is similary beaded in faux pearls and "white silk crimped gauze", but out of velvet - I fell in love with it for it's wonderful deep blue color.

The beading at the hem took approximately 170 hours or 5 weeks time.  And lots of pearls in two sizes - 12000 in fact. Give or take a few.
I'm proud of having actually finished it on time %)

The design pattern will be finished soon, so as the bottom embellishment and the belt, and I'll wear it once again.

And here are more pictures, taken from a book " In Royal Fashion", by Kay Staniland.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Piped pelisse from the Museum of London, ca.1823

Some time ago I visited site of the Museum of London, and fell in love with piped pelisse ca.1823 from it's collection...and decided to sew it.

So, as usual, I worked tirelessly during the whole week before Borodino %)
Now, 57 meters of silk cord and many hours later here is my piped pelisse. It is nearly finished and I can be proud of it. 

It is sewn from fine "champagne" wool, decorated with silk braid, embroidered with silk "pipes" and twisted "emerald" wool. Waist fastens with hooks.